Instructions for laying Schellevis slabs

The foundation of Schellevis slabs and setting the right heights are essential. This and more is explained in a clear and concise video of just a few minutes that will show you exactly how to best lay Schellevis slabs. Questions?

Beautiful and durable

When you purchased your Schellevis slabs, you received a high-quality product. Schellevis slabs become even more beautiful with age and require little maintenance. If you want to get the most out of your investment in Schellevis slabs, then follow the maintenance advice below.

If you have recently had your new slabs laid, you might see efflorescence on the top of the slabs. This layer will disappear with time.

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Natural and sustainable

Sustainability is at the top of the agenda at Schellevis. To support the environment and our surroundings, we use inland waterways to ship raw materials, energy-efficient production methods, and select suppliers based not only on quality but environmentally friendly practices too. That’s why we’ve been awarded the Green label.


Through years of experience, market knowledge, and the use of specially imported raw materials and dyes, Schellevis guarantees the qualitative properties of its concrete products.


Coloured by nature, the tiles reflect their origin and are resistant to the most severe external influences.

Specifications and certificates

The Schellevis specifications of a structure are a precise description of Schellevis products and contain all the information about the process and its execution, the materials to be used, and the organization of the work. Request specifications